Legal Documents to be checked before buying Flat of Resale

As we know there are number of Property Brokers who deals in property. Resale flat means flat is being sold by the original buyer of the said flat. In short Flat which is purchased by a First buyer from Builder who sold it to other person its called Resale of Flat.

Now we discuss about the Legal procedure and documentation which is to be checked before buying such flats. Following are the documents which is essential and need to be checked before buying such resale flats:

  1. The property card or title documents of the Land.
  2. The title deed i.e. previous Deed of Conveyance.
  3. The tax paid receipts till date.
  4. The Master Plan of the property or the blue print/sturcture
  5. The society membership documents or Share Certificate.
  6. Previous loan related documents or statement
  7. Commencement letter issued to the builder
  8. Completion certificate issued to the builder
  9. Occupation Certificate
  10. Possession receipt
  11. Electricity bills
  12. Maintenance of the Society paid till date
Normally Title Investigation is most effective tool for getting exact marketable title of the property. Therefore, before buying any property purchaser must go for Title Investigation of Property for getting all information related with property. The said Title Investigation Report Prepared and Issued by an Advocate.
Registration of Deed of Conveyance/Agreement for sale of Flat is essential under Section 17 of The Registration Act, 1908. Therefore check whether the Deed is registered or not.
In short Resale Flat must hold Clear and Market able title without any dispute and litigation. Its responsibility of the seller to sell the resale flat with the above qualities. But as we know the Principle of Cavet Emptor which state that “Let the Buyer Beware”  on that basis buyer must aware about all given facts before buying any resale flat.



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